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A modest travel grant may be available to students who demonstrate financial need and have not participated in a Lehigh-sanctioned program abroad. Travel grants may range from $500- $1500, are made on a competitive basis, and are contingent upon available financial resources. The degree of financial need of each applicant will be determined by the Financial Aid Office, and the Study Abroad Office will run applicant names through the database to determine if prior sanctioned travel has occurred. Additionally, applicant names will be run through the Dean of Students to receive academic and disciplinary clearance. Proposals should show clear academic, professional/practical, and personal goals and outcomes. 

Student Responsibilities upon completion of the Global Program Students who participate in a global opportunity are required to share their experience with others upon return. This can be done through a small project, report, or presentation to Lehigh students, faculty, or staff. 

Eligible Students: 
Receiving Financial Aid 
Not been Abroad on a Lehigh-sanctioned Program 
Academic and Disciplinary Clearance from Dean of Students 

Eligible Opportunities: 
Non-credit bearing 
Individually Designed Program 
Lehigh-sanctioned Program 

Deadlines: 2 months before commencement of the program 

For questions consult with the GOTG administrator: Stacy Burger, Director International Services

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